UNESCO Cities of Literature Network

The Cities of Literature are part of the UNESCO Creative Cities programme, launched in 2004 with the aim to promote local creative development and cultural diversity.

We are a global network of cities who specialise in literature; the UNESCO designation ‘City of Literature’ recognises excellence and places an obligation on cities to nurture and support their artform and collaborate internationally by sharing best practices, supporting freedom of speech and through projects which ensure literature reaches as wide and diverse an audience as possible, locally and internationally.

We are 38 Cities across the world:

Angoulême Bagdad / Beirut Barcelona / Bucheon / Cracòvia / Dublín / Dunedin / Durban / Edimburg / Exeter / Granada / Heidelberg / 
Iowa City / Kuhmo / Lahore Leeuwarden / Lillehammer / Lviv / Ljubljana / Manchester / Melbourne / Milà / Montevideo / Nanjing / Nottingham / Norwich / Óbidos / Odessa / Praga / Québec / Reykjavík / Seattle / Slemani / Tartu / Uljanovsk / Utrecht Wroclaw / Wonju

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