Literapolisbcn is a literary APP, a mobile phones game aimed at encouraging young people between the ages of 14 and 18 to read and discover more about the city.  

 Mapa Itineraris



It is a “literary gymkhana” in which users have to locate 10 different real geographic points in the city where the action of the book is set. Once they have geolocated each point and solved a quiz question, they are rewarded with new information in order to continue playing.

There are different routes for each novel: questions on the book once they have read it, mysteries and cryptic clues related to the novel and the city, or questions to guess which novel it is.

Seven novels written by Barcelona-born authors and mostly aimed at young people have been chosen, but we are already working to include many more: there is none in English yet, only in Catalan or Spanish, for the moment!

Download the APP in iOS version or Android and start playing:



If you want to have Literapolisbcn in your city, contact us at and we’ll give you more information.

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