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Barcelona Air Quality Condition (EQAB)

Comprova el distintiu ambiental del teu vehicle

Introdueix la matrícula per saber si t'afecten les restriccions de circulació, d'aparcament, etc.


What do you breathe when you breathe?

Restrictions to circulation of more polluting vehicles

Low-Emissions Zone


Travelling air quality information points and the new Low Emission Zone

Between 23 and 27 October, the points will visit the Hostafrancs, Sants, Dreta de l'Eixample, Fort Pienc and Sagrada Família neighbourhoods. Gradually, before the end of the year, they will visit the city's other districts.

Green light to modify four taxes

Municipal. Full Council definitively approves the modification of by-laws on four taxes in order to back local commerce, combat pollution and guarantee basic utilities for vulnerable families.

One hundred and twenty-eight thousand fewer private motor-vehicle journeys on Car-Free Day.

Mobility. This figure means a reduction in traffic of 6.2% compared to a normal week day. The number of metro journeys increased by 3%, and Bicing journeys by 19%.

Less pollution and less noise on Car Free Day

Pollution. The traffic-calming exercise at the junction between C/ Tamarit and C/ Comte Borrell reduced levels of air pollution and noise pollution.

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