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Barcelona Air Quality Condition (EQAB)

Comprova el distintiu ambiental del teu vehicle

Introdueix la matrícula per saber si t'afecten les restriccions de circulació, d'aparcament, etc.


What do you breathe when you breathe?

Restrictions to circulation of more polluting vehicles

Proposals from the City Council


The offensive against pollution begins

Pollution. Restrictions on vehicles during pollution episodes will apply as from 1 December this year, except for vehicles used by people with reduced mobility, emergency services, medical staff and funeral services.

Milan and its contribution to sustainable mobility

Mobility. On 31 May, the penultimate talk in the series on sustainable mobility will be taking place.

Call for the state to control vehicle emissions and prevent tampering

Pollution. The municipal governments of Barcelona and Madrid and 400 ecology entities all call on the state to vote in favour of the new European regulations on the homologation and control of vehicles to prevent tampering with...

Joint call for the state to help in the fight against pollution

Environment. Barcelona and Madrid combine to call on the state for a series of measures to combat pollution and improve air quality.

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