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How the Air Quality Index calculated?

What do you breathe when you breathe?

Climate commitment



The preventative alert of a pollution episode is deactivated

Air quality. Given the favourable evolution of weather conditions, the preventative alert of a pollution episode has been deactivated today.

Early warning of an episode of environmental nitrogen dioxide pollution

Air quality. The Directorate-General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change issued an early warning today, 20 March, of an episode of atmospheric environmental nitrogen dioxide pollution.

Institutional agreement to improve air quality

Ecology. Traffic restrictions, changes in mobility habits and incentives to renew vehicles as a way of cutting pollution by 30% in fifteen years.

The European Union will impose fines on Barcelona if it does not take urgent measures to control pollution

In its last environmental policy report, the European Commission included a serious warning about imposing fines on several member states for sustained non-compliance with regulations governing atmospheric pollution.

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