The MESBarcelona mechanism now has its first certified investors

The first seven inverters for this mechanism have been approved.

29/03/2021 - 09:04 h - City Council Ajuntament de Barcelona

During this last month of December, Barcelona’s City Council created the Mechanism for Sustainable energy of Barcelona (MESBarcelona), an instrument that will speed up and pair with the transition of the energy of the city at the hands of private investors. To be more precise, Barcelona will invest 50 million euros to promote renewable energy sources and to attract private funds to assign a total of at least 166 milion euros in projects of energetic rehabilitation and installation of photovoltaic panels.

Now, the municipality has approved the first seven certified investors for this mechanism created to invest and install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the city and boost the free energetic rehabilitation of high energy consumption (hospitals, hotels and sports centres).

The Comission of Economy and Treasury has given their approval to the first businesses and groups that fulfil the necessary requirements to be certified to be able to make financial investments through the MESBarcelona.

On a different not, the Commissioner of the Agenda 2030, Miquel Rodríguez, supported the groups of investors that were selected and assured that “they have a profile that will allow the mechanism MESBarcelona to unfold safely and that will guarantee the co-investment model proposed by the City Council”.

The first seven investors 

The first seven certified investors propose investment strategies that are very varied, such as the construction of public, residential and office buildings, among others. In the same vein, they offer a range of actions: photovoltaic, rehabilitation and even hydrogen.

These are the investors: 

  • Endesa X Servicios S.L..
  • GVC GAESCO Gestión Gestora de Instituciones de Inversión Colectiva S.A.
  • Hendian Group DMEGC MAGNETICS
  • Intermoney Titulización SFGT, S.A (with the participation of GNE Finance and Ecrowd).
  • Inversiones Financieras Perseo SL (Iberdrola group).
  • Naturgy Iberia S.A.
  • Suma Capital SGECR, S.A.

These are the first certified investos, but the City Council indicates that whenever there is more investors interested in the MESBarcelona project, there will be additional certification procedures.