Visible spectres by the artist Claudio Correa, curated by Alexandra Laudo

Room 20 hosts the artistic installation “Visible Spectres” by Chilean artist Claudio Correa and curated by Alexandra Laudo

The installation Visible spectres by the artist Claudio Correa is formed by a series of light sculptures whose central element is a selection of coins minted in different periods of the history of Spain. On these coins we find portraits of the dictator Francisco Franco and of monarchs such as Alfonso X and Alfonso XIII, all accompanied by the phrase “By the G. of God”, which legitimizes the authority of these figures, calling upon a supposed divine right: the “grace” of God, represented in abbreviated form by this capital G.

Some of these coins were in circulation until relatively recently, and they all continue to be marketed and collected as numismatic objects. They thus form a material culture which refers to a historical past which has not always been sufficiently reviewed or questioned and which, in a certain way, reveals the complex relations which have existed throughout the history of Spain between economic power, religion, political power and state violence.

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