"The coastline of Barcelona", next temporary exhibition


Next Thursday, December 17, the Castle is going to open a new temporary exhibition in rooms 18 and 19 of the parade ground.

The Castle of Montjuïc is hosting, from December 17, the exhibition "The coastline of Barcelona", curated by Santiago Riera. The exhibition explains the evolution of Barcelona's coastline on the basis of the relationship between humans and the sea, taking a historical tour of the transformation of Barcelona's coastline, leaving room for reflection before a new stage marked by global warming and the challenges it generates in the field of sustainability.
"The coastline of Barcelona" is an exhibition with a high experiential component, which uses different languages, technologies and formats to present the content. It is designed to be experienced with touchless technology, so that the visitor activates its contents without touching any of its elements and therefore respecting the regulations established against Covid-19.