Exhibition “Bcn 1965-1975. A look from artificial intelligence ”


Montjuïc Castle presents, from 28 May, the exhibition “Bcn 1965-1975. A look from artificial intelligence ”, which recalls Montjuïc and Barcelona from about fifty years ago. With the mountain of Montjuïc as its driving force, the exhitbition proposes a visit to the Barcelona of late Francoism through archival images.

Specifically, the exhibition recalls an era in which Montjuïc Castle housed a military museum and the courtyard with an equestrian statue of the dictator Franco. A period when Formula 1 races were held in the mountains, an amusement park was inaugurated and the construction project of the Miró Foundation was approved.
The exhibition, curated by Estampa, proposes a historical journey, of a still very recent history, through a technological approach to graphic documentation. The photographs have been classified using an image exploration system based on artificial intelligence, providing a unique view of Montjuïc and Barcelona half a century ago.​