The creative industries are the focal space of culture where all artistic and creative expression that pro-actively enters into dialogue with new technologies to the point where it adapts to them and finds in them an automatic reproduction tool, progressively come to rest.

Also included among the creative industries are new sub-sectors tied to the economy (such as programming, video creation, R+D, and so on) and activities with "traditional roots" in manufacturing, such as printing, fashion, jewellery, musical instruments and toys.

Following this definition, a large part of Barcelona’s current creative landscape is shaped by cultural and creative industries. Furthermore, they are a cultural sphere that is in constant growth, and a powerful vehicle for creating competitiveness, wealth and jobs.

Barcelona is the pole of attraction for creative activities in Catalonia. 49.5% of the country's jobs in the sector are based in the city, 16.9 points above the city's overall weighting for employment, accounting for 48.1% of the firms in the creative sectors with salaried Catalan employees.

In the second quarter of 2018, the creative sectors created 12.6% of jobs in Barcelona. The relative weighting of the sector in terms of the city's jobs has increased by almost two points since 2008, when it stood at 10.8%. Its creative business network represents 12.2% of all Barcelona’s business network.

For the first time, the creative sectors now account for over 135,000 jobs in the city, having created more than 30,000 jobs over the last five years.


  • To promote training, research, investigation and the launch of business proposals in the sphere of the creative industries.
  • To extend its area of influence and to generate sector relations with all kinds of businesses, digital, logistics and finance environments that depend directly or indirectly on the role of the creative industries.
  • To develop an ongoing programme of trade fairs, economic events (such as fashion shows, restoration weeks, and so on) and competitions of ideas for attracting investors, conducted by the DHUB itself or by other spaces in the city associated with its founding project.
  • To develop a strategy for promoting the city aimed at boosting and internationalising the creative industries.
  • To develop a sociocultural programme based on exhibitions, shows and educational activities.
  • To promote collective influence (functioning as a lobby) in public decision -making areas (legislation and taxation, public funding, institutional involvement, and so on.) and collective management (rights, patents, intellectual property).
  • To boost the networks and contacts between knowledge-creating agents such as universities, research and technology centres and companies located in different municipalities in the metropolitan area.


  • To develop the DHUB as a space that integrates the different expressions of design and the creative industries to facilitate debate, research and the presentation of new projects and contents on a local and international scale.
  • To create the Barcelona Creativa Cluster made up of the main representative associations, businesses and personalities from the world of design and the creative industry in Barcelona.
  • To make agreements with specialised schools and universities to create joint work programmes, grant policies, startup projects and efficient strategies for promoting new talent.
  • To ensure a presence at international fairs and markets in the areas of design and other sectors of the creative industries.
  • To create a specific cultural programme for the Poblenou / 22@ district that encourages the consolidation of the affective link between Barcelona residents and the neighbourhood’s companies and residents.
  • To design the 2030 plan for Palo Alto to incorporate it into the general dynamics of the sector.
  • To create new channels of communication and to make agreements with existing ones which will raise awareness of the potential of the local creative industry among Barcelona’s residents.
  • To create the Metropolitan Creative Industries Council.
Nois treballant amb un programa 3D