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Philatelic deconstruction

If we only take into consideration the functional part of a stamp, we can think that all of them are the same. Nothing further than the truth, stamps have specific structures regarding design, text, style and perforation that allow specialists to distinguish them from possible counterfeits.

If we go beyond the formal aspect, stamps can be classified according several categories defined in philatelic catalogues. Among the most common categories, we can mention: airmail stamps, commemorative stamps, non-profit stamps, service stamps, fiscal stamps, etc.

This video has two parts. In the first one, it is explained the parts of a stamp due to a deconstruction of a sample. In the second one, we travel through different categories in the classification using stamps from Ramon Marull collection.

After watching it, we hope that you visit the section Explore  and browse among different typologies.

Do you still think that stamps are boring?