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Nit dels Museus 2017. La nit de Barcelona i el correu

Per segon any consecutiu tornem a participar en la 10a edició de la Nit dels Museus, organitzada per l’Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

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La col·lecció de segells del Pavelló de la República

La Col·lecció Marull és una col·lecció filatèlica formada per 65.237 segells, digitalitzada i consultable en línia a través d’aquest web. Ara bé, sense sortir físicament de Barcelona, trobem un altre fons dedicat a la temàtica...

A Vulcan salute for the Star Trek stamps

Congratulations to all Star Trek fans that are also keen on philately! This month, the US Postal Service (USPS) is issuing a stamp series devoted to Star Trek.

PAE for the academic year 2016-2017

For the fourth consecutive year, the Ramon Marull Philately Collection has participated in the Exhibition of Educational Activities (PAE – Programa d’Activitats Escolars) that is organised by the Barcelona Pedagogical Coordination Council. Just like every...

Museum Night 2016

Museum Night in Barcelona 2016 is a unique opportunity to explore the city’s museums and all the cultural heritage within them. This year, the main new feature will be the initiative Fàbriques de creació (Creation factories), which will...

La Font de la Lliçó: from stone to paper

On 26th May 2016, the Spanish postal service Correos will offer a commemorative postmark devoted to the Fuente de la Lección (Fountain of Reading), which stands in the Barcelona square of Plaça Adriano. La Lección...

Stamp to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the first Barcelona Philately Exchange

In the 1960s and ‘70s, big Catalan companies such as the automobile manufacturer SEAT and ENASA (which built trucks and buses) often had philately societies where their workers could enjoy their hobby during their leisure...

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