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Ramon Marull

Gold Medal of the City

Gold Medal of the City

The Medalla d'Or of the City of Barcelona is one of the most prestigious awards granted by the City Council. Ramon Marull received this prize in thanks for his donations in the field of heritage and health within the city

On 11 April 1960, Josep Maria de Porcioles, mayor of Barcelona, awarded the Gold Medal of the City to Ramon Marull in appreciation for the donation of his magnificent collection.

The medal was made from a design by Frederic Marès, entrusted to him by the City Council in 1940. Frederic Marès (1893-1991) was an acknowledged sculptor, and, above all, an important collector who, since 1946, donated his collections successively to the city. Today they are conserved in the museum of Barcelona which is named after him. He also received the Gold Medal of the City in 1948 in appreciation for his donation.

The medal designed by Marés was not the only tie between these two collectors. In 1959 Marés was the author of the commemorative medal prepared in honour of Marull to commemorate the donation of the collection, which had the honoured profile. He also was the author of the commemorative plaque located in the entrance of the Postal and Philatelic Museum of Barcelona