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Ramon Marull

Ramón Marull i Huguet

Ramón Marull i Huguet

Barcelona, 3rd May 1877 – 9th December 1967 Businessman, philanthropist and collector

Ramon Marull i Huguet was the son of the entrepreneur Ramon Marull i Sala and Angela Huguet i Riera. His professional training was dedicated to be a technical-industrial, and expanded his knwoledge with studies with studies in England and the United States of America.

When he settled again in Barcelona, he worked for his father’s company “Ramon Marull e Hijos”, with his brother Pere, who was an industrial engineer at the Superior School of Barcelona (1902) and he also was educated in England and New York (1904).

The family’s enterprise, founded in 1862, was dedicated to produce wire meshes and railings: silk fabric used to sieve the flour (the sole representative of a company in Zurich) and all kinds of modern equipments for flour factories.

In order to adapt the company to the new times, and under the guidance of Ramon and Pere Marull, it started to manufacture wire cloth from steel thread to be applied in reinforced concrete structures in order to replace the wire netting fence from the ceilings. It was supplier of the main construction companies at the time. It had its headquarters, workshop and factory in Sant Martí de Provençals, and its office in Vilanova Street and Consell de Cent Street.