Work to connect the tram systems in Av. Diagonal to start the week of 7 March

15/02/2022 - 10:47

Tram. Work to extend the tram systems in Av. Diagonal gets under way during the week of 7 March.

A date has now been established to start work on connecting the Trambesòs and Trambaix systems along Av. Diagonal: the week of 7 March. This is one of the most important projects for Barcelona in the coming months and will give the city a unified tram system in the future, connecting with nine municipalities in the metropolitan area.

The work that gets under way in March represents the first step in this connection and will extend the tram line from Glòries to Carrer de Girona. The work will install all the tram infrastructure, recondition this section of Av. Diagonal, build a large public transport interchange at Glòries and remodel the part of the Parc de les Glòries nearest the sea.

Work gets under way simultaneously at different points along this section, although initially there will be very few disruptions to local people as the first tasks will be carried out at points where various other works are already under way, such as Pl. Glòries and the drainage tank in Av. Diagonal.

Disruptions around Glòries

The plan for the area around Glòries is to occupy spaces where there is now no traffic. The only disruption will be the diversion to the number 7 bus service, which currently goes past the front of the Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB) and will now follow a route along Carrer de Badajoz. Once the work progresses there will be temporary disruptions to the tram service to enable the tracks to be connected.

Disruptions in Av. Diagonal, between Castillejos and Marina

Side lanes in the section are to be occupied, the two rows of parking spaces eliminated and a traffic lane on both sides closed. During this first stage, one traffic lane will be left in operation on each side.

Disruptions around Plaça de Pablo Neruda

An additional traffic lane will be created in this area in Carrer d’Aragó, between Marina and Sardenya. Once this lane comes into service, traffic coming from C/ Marina will be obliged to go straight on in the ascending direction or turn into C/ Aragó, with traffic restricted in the direction of Av. Diagonal so that work can be executed. Pedestrians and cyclists will have routes available to access Av. Diagonal, with local people allowed access to car parks in the area at all times.

Disruptions in Av. Diagonal, between Sardenya and Pg. Sant Joan

This area is already closed to traffic in the central section between Roger de Flor and Bruc, due to work on the drainage tank. Now traffic will need to be restricted in the central section which is still open, between Roger de Flor and Sardenya. The side lanes will stay open, with certain restrictions, but guaranteeing local residents have access to car parks.

Future disruptions in Av. Diagonal, between Pg. Sant Joan and Girona

Coinciding with the start of the work, traffic heading upwards in Pg. Sant Joan will be able to circulate again (currently restricted due to work on the drainage tank). This will enable buses, currently diverted from here into Valéncia – Roger de Flor, to carry straight on up Pg. Sant Joan. A turn will also be introduced in the upward direction of Pg. Sant Joan, towards the side lane on the side nearest the mountains in Av. Diagonal (in the direction of the Llobregat) and in C/ Mallorca. Buses will be able to turn from Pg. Sant Joan towards the central section of Av. Diagonal (in the direction of the Llobregat).

Future disruptions

Work to extend the tram system will bring new disruptions in future stages, to be announced at each juncture of the project. The most significant of these include occasional cuts in the circulation of the R2 train service due to work that will affect the Adif tunnel at the point where C/ Consell de Cent connects with Av. Diagonal.