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Author visit with Joan Vives

  • Joan Vives. Foto: S. Guasteví

Visita Chopin

Joan Vives, musician and journalist, will discover us the trajectory of Chopin through the instruments of the Museum's collection, with musical illustrations to piano Steinway & Sons by Toia Conejo.

Fryderyk Chopin lived fully the most genuine stage of musical romanticism of which he became one of its most important representatives. The parallel advent of the Industrial Revolution allowed the piano manufacturers of the time to expand exponentially, the production of new instruments, increasingly varied and powerful, adapted to all types of needs from domestic spaces in large rooms of concerts that were multiplying throughout Europe. In this context, the most prestigious builders, such as the Parisians Erard and Pleyel, often ended up associating their brand with the great talented of the moment, such as Liszt or Chopin.

The Museum of the Music of Barcelona, ​​through its piano section, allows us to take a tour of the context in which Fryderyk Chopin lived and created one of the most inspired productions ever written by this instrument.


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