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Mandolins analyzed from a luthier's perspective


Mandolins, bouzoukis, acoustic basses... Caroline Lacombe, Canadian luthier based in Barcelona, invites us to review the origins and evolution of this family of chordophones, more specifically, mandolins. During this lecture, she will talk about how they were and how they are now, taking as a reference some instruments of the Museum's collection, and always using her personal point of view. Lacombe will explain how he came to luthiery and how is the day to day of his trade: his routines in the workshop, the preparations, the conception and the constructive phases of the different instruments, the tools and the materials used today.


You can attend this conference in person and virtually. It is aimed at students of music and the public.


Cycle of lectures

This conference is part of the Musical instruments under study, a series of meetings in which the latest research and news about the Museum's collections and the world of instruments will be presented. Lutieres, creators and specialized researchers will explain their work.

In collaboration with the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.