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Presentation of the project 'Ave Maris Stella. Cristóbal de Morales'


The Lleida Museum and the Horitzons Foundation 2050 have promoted the musicological project on Cristóbal de Morales with the aim of publicizing one of the musical books of the museum’s collection. This is the “Misses and Magnificent” of the Sevillian polyphonist Cristóbal de Morales, published in Lyon in 1551 and exhibited at the Museum of Lleida in the 16th century.

The project has been sponsored by the Horitzons 2050 Private Foundation and has resulted in the recording of two five-voice masses, which are found in this book, the Mass ‘Ave Maris Stella’ and the Mass ‘Quem dicunt homines’, which had never been fully recorded, and in the publication of a CD and a vinyl.

The recording was carried out by the Ensemble Cristóbal de Morales, a formation created in November 2023 at the initiative of its director, Pere Lluís Biosca, and the organist Juan de la Rubia, as a result of the proposal to record this work from the collection of the Museum of Lleida. The group is also formed by soprano Laia Frigolé, mezzo-soprano Eulàlia Fantova, tenors Oriol Guimerà and Ferran Mitjans, and bass Ferran Albrich.