This city service specialises in international mobility and has been in place since 1989. It provides information and support about immigration, refugee status, emigration and voluntary return to all residents living in Barcelona.

Barcelona City Council shares management of this specialised public service free of charge together with a variety of social organisations:

How to access this service

In order to be attended at the SAIER for the first time, you can make an appointment online You can also go to one of the 39 ‘Procedures and services stalls’ distributed all over the city or, if there is any problem, you can visit our reception desk to ask for an appointment.

At this first appointment, you will receive all the required information on the SAIER resources for each specific situation and will be guided on the rest of the resources offered throughout the city.

If required, our professionals will also give you a follow up appointment after your visit.

If you have been in Spain for less than two years you can also be accompanied, if necessary, by an interpreter.


Address and contact


Tarragona, 141
08014 Barcelona
T. 93 153 28 00

How to get there

Opening times

From Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 7 pm

Friday, from 10:30 am to 3 pm

Opening times in August:

  • From Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm
  • Friday, from 10:30 am to 3 pm


Foreign nationals who have immigrated to Barcelona will find the following resources at SAIER:

  • Reception and general information about the city of Barcelona.
  • Administrative immigration procedures.
  • Social care for immigrants and housing information.
  • Legal, employment and training advice and orientation.
  • Validation of foreign studies and driving license.

SAIER Guides with frequently asked questions about immigration


Residents who have decided to leave the city, or are thinking of doing so, will find the following resources at SAIER:

  • Information about cultural, social, employment, legal, healthcare and other matters of interest concerning the country of destination.
  • Information about emigration documentation.
  • Exporting social benefits and unemployment benefits from one European country to another.
  • Validation of academic diplomas, professional validation.

SAIER Guides with frequently asked questions about emigration

International Protection

Residents who wish to request international protection in Spain according to asylum rights will find the following resources at SAIER:

  • Orientation and legal advice in matters concerning international protection.
  • Social care for international protection seekers.

SAIER Guides with frequently asked questions about asylum and refugee issues

Applications for international protection of Venezuelan people [cat]

Voluntary Return

Non-EU foreign nationals planning to return to their country of origin will find the following resources at SAIER

  • Information and general support concerning voluntary return.
  • Information about alternatives to voluntary return.
  • Information about a variety of programmes and legal advice concerning return issues.
  • Referral to organisations, agencies and other related city services.

SAIER Guides with frequently asked questions about voluntary return