City Council is responsible for several procedures related to reports for specific immigration processes.

The Immigration Act 4/2000 of January 11 regarding the rights and liberties of foreigners in Spain and their social integration, after its reform by Act 2/2009, provides for the presentation of several reports for residence permit procedures, and for the modification or renewal of permits.

The Information and Settlement Service (PIA) provides personalised information and orientation concerning settlement procedures and other related immigration procedures. Appointments can be scheduled by phone, e-mail or in person. This service is provided for individuals who wish to obtain a residence permit under special circumstances, or for individuals who have already applied for a social settlement report and require information about subsequent procedures.

City Council has established a Local Government Measure to prevent cases of supervening illegality, and to this end, processes and grants a specific immigration document:

Information and Settlement Service (PIA)

  • Passeig de Sant Joan, 75, baixos
  • 08009 Barcelona
  • Telephone number: 93 25 6 44 76/78/79
  • Inquiries about the rooting procedure and the neighborhood document, via email and telephone numbers (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
  • Only by appointment

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