Family reunification procedures and their approval or rejection are dependent on the Government Sub-Delegation in Barcelona.

Given the complexity, the city programme "New Families in Barcelona" supports all non-EU foreign nationals living in Barcelona who wish to reunify their family members: children, spouse, partner, parents...

The service is provided by professionals in each city district and provides the following resources:

  • Personalised orientation and social support to families.
  • Legal advice.
  • Orientation and support to reunified children and youths to enable access to the school system and leisure activities in Barcelona.
  • Group support through organised activities, before and after the reunification process.

How to access the service

The "New Families in Barcelona" programme gets in touch with individuals who have received a positive housing report (one of the prerequisites for processing family reunification).

The programme is carried out in several stages. Those requesting family reunification are contacted for preparation of family reunification and family arrival to the city. Upon arrival, support is provided to the reunified families and follow-up of the reunification process is also ensured.