What is it?

The resident registry procedure certifies resident status in the city of Barcelona.

Who can request it?

Everybody, whether they have a residence permit or not, should register. The register is called the padró in Catalan.

What is it for?

It is required as proof of city residence for immigration procedures and enables people to access public services (education, healthcare and so on).

How to register

Registration usually involves applicants providing documentation proving their identity and address. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the procedure varies in some cases:



The documentation that must be provided varies if the applicant is the owner of the home where they want to be registered at or whether they are a tenant.

The owner or tenant can also give express authorisation for the registration of other people living at the address.

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The registry of minors as city residents must be completed by their legal representative.

In addition to the usual documentation for all resident registry, the Joint Declaration of minors must also be included. This document includes the original signature of both parents, ensuring that they agree to the registration, and must be accompanied by photocopies of their identity documents where their signatures appear when minors register with just one of them or with a third party.

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Even if you don't reside continuously at an address in Barcelona and consequently can't provide any type of documentation relating to your home, you and your family's registration as residents should also be guaranteed.

In this case, before formalising the registration, you must request the residency recognition report.

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