Department of International Relations

The international policy of the City Council is aligned with its priority actions

The aim of the Department of International Relations is first of all to promote Barcelona's interaction and impact around the world by participating in various spheres of international action, and furthermore to coordinate and give consistency and support to the City Council's international activities. This thus lends added value to the municipal government's operational priorities, such as social and global justice, diversity, the plural economy, environmental transition and active citizenship. 

Always with a firm commitment to international municipal action, its efforts prioritise two major strands in order to underpin Barcelona's position within a context of global cities: by promoting bilateral relations and joint initiatives with other cities (not only to exchange knowledge and to learn from leading metropolises in various spheres, but also to promote shared policies), and by strengthening Barcelona's participation in the main international networks and organisations where the city is represented, and above all those that are based in the city.   

Similarly, the Department of International Relations works closely with educational and research establishments, think-tanks and other institutions in the city to help raise awareness and forge committed, responsible and critical citizenship, and to offer research and knowledge in priority issues regarding the city in a global context.

Author of the image: Pepe Navarro. 


Spheres for action

International Relations Master Plan 2020-2023