Municipal Council

Municipal Council

Active citizenship is a strategic as well as  structural option of the Barcelona City Council, and the Municipal Council of  International Cooperation is the instrument of active citizenship with regards  to international cooperation and solidarity.

It is a body of dialogue and participation of civil  society, and organism of assessment and consultation of the municipal policy of  cooperation for development, and the meeting point with the solidarity fabric  of society, the aim of which is to create synergies and cross-relations.

It was constituted on April 19, 1999, and its  objectives are the following:

  1. To  analyse, reflect, evaluate, suggest and influence the activities of  international cooperation for development, by means of contributing to the  creation of a positive social climate
  2. To  orientate the municipal activity on matters of international cooperation for  development



Consell Municipal de Cooperació Internacional per al Desenvolupament

C/Avinyó, 15 planta 4ª

08002 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 934 132 075

Fax: +34 934 132 084