Call for extraordinary regularization of unauthorized immigrants

COVID-19. Eleven immigrants claim for extraordinary measures to the Spanish Government.

The Covid-19 crisis is having a strong social and economic impact, especially on the most vulnerable groups, often migrants in an irregular situation. In this sense, the Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council (CMIB) has recently published a Statement expressing the urgent need of extraordinary regularization measures for people who are in an irregular administrative situation.

Eleven immigrants have made public statements in the same direction, claiming that extraordinary measures must be taken to ensure that people in an irregular situation are not left unprotected to face this crisis and guarantee their rights. In addition, regularization would allow these people to enter the labour market and thus contribute to the fight against the pandemic, since many of them have professional training in a wide range of fields including health or social care, and could immediately  take up jobs in residences and hospitals.

Below you can link to their testimonials:

  • Javier Bonomi, from Fedelatina (Federation of Latin American Entities of Catalonia)
  • Fanny Galeas, from CITE-CCOO (Foreign Workers Information Center of the CCOO worker’s union)
  • Mareme Diallo, from Associació Catalana de Residents Senegalesos (Catalan Association of Senegalese Residents)
  • Wendy Espinosa, from Mujeres Pa’lante Association
  • Rodrigo Araneda, from ACATHI (Catalan Association for the Integration of Homosexual, Bisexual and Transsexual Immigrants)
  • Macrina Alcedo, from Kalipi (Federation of Civic and Religious Philippine Entities of Barcelona)
  • Janette Vallejo, from AMIC – UGT (Mutual Help Association of Immigrants in Catalunya of the UGT worker’s union)
  • Harriette Domínguez, from Mujeres Migrantes Diversas (Diverse Migrant Women)
  • Alexander CollasosConstanza Sánchez y Omaira Moreno, from Sanitarios Inmigrantes Solidarios (Solidary Immigrant Health Workers)