Every year the Immigration Council chooses a main theme, proposed by member entities through a participatory process and agreed with the Standing Committee, which it works on throughout the year, at the Gathering, Awards and other participatory events or formats.

The theme for 2019 is:

Migrants and Ageing

With a topic of future relevance such as this, the CMIB aims to establish a roadmap and anticipate the reality of coming years. There are a lot of communities that have been in Barcelona for many years, and family re-unification is leading to the arrival of more and more elderly migrants.

The Municipal Immigration Council is taking a series of steps to further investigate this subject, including:

  • Research and report: on the reality of elderly migrants and proposals. This will be presented progressively as part of the BCN Diverse City Gathering and full CMIB meetings.
  • Collaboration with the Senior Citizens Council and other programmes and organisations linked to the topic: Participation in the 5th Voices of the Elderly Convention: 5 and 6 March.
  • Invitation to take part in the CMIB Award
  • BCN Diverse City Gathering: The gathering covers various areas, including active ageing and well-being, activities in the auditorium marquee, discussions, fun activities, awareness-raising and protest initiatives etc.
  • Information and training session on the reality of elderly migrants and the resources available for them.
  • Manifesto. To be drafted and approved by the organisations. To be read out at the gathering.

Other years

2018 - Immigrants and discrimination in the right to housing

The CMIB chose this subject for 2018.

It is an issue that affects the entire population but especially migrants in their daily lives and in their rights and opportunities, through specific obstacles such as Spain’s Immigration Act and situations where their official papers are not in order, or the discrimination and often racism they suffer, among other things.

Notable initiatives:


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2017 - Bringing dignity to domestic and care work

The Council chose this as the central issue for 2017, on the initiative of several associations aware of the injustice at both the employment and social level regarding the rights of people working in this sector, who are mostly women and foreign-national immigrants.

The following initiatives aimed at the goals of dignifying, awareness-raising and social recognition were carried out:


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2016 - Economic and employment strategies through diversity

2016 was dedicated to search for tailor made strategies and actions to take into account group needs related to job search, development and improvement of competence. To adjust itineraries to identifieed interests and needs, a continuous task of cooperation and communication with the entities must be carried out to build each formative proposal.

Notable initiatives:


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2015 - Right to vote and full citizenship

The right to vote is one of the central aspects of citizenship, because it defines who is part of the community and who can choose their representatives. From the Municipal Immigration Council of Barcelona, the problem of the right to vote of foreigners has been studied to help to the recognition of full citizenship, and therefore, to the right to active and passive suffrage of community residents and Extracommunity to all electoral contests in Spain.

Notable initiatives:


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2014 - Social inclusion

2013 - Employment training

2012 - Commerce and entrepreneurship

2011 - Women

2010 - AMPAs [Student Parent Associations]