Consolidation of sustainable public procurement in municipal tendering

Public Procurement. Over 88% of public contracts include social clauses and criteria on the environment and/or innovation.

Façana del Ajuntament de Barcelona

Framework agreements as a way to rationalise spending in public procurement

City Council. Barcelona City Council uses this type of contract, set out in the Act on public sector procurement and aimed at simplifying procedures and keeping down related costs.

Proposal to award the four parts of the new cleaning contract

Environment and sustainability. The goal is to adapt the service to the needs of each neighbourhood and achieve 60% selective waste collection by 2030.

Commitment to back SMEs and the self-employed

Work. An agreement has been signed with the PIMEC representing an investment of 700,000 euros.

A cycle of webinars to explain how Barcelona never stops

Economy. The first of the online sessions is on Thursday 15 October, with a seminar on the social and solidarity economy.

New subsidy call relating to the climate

Climate emergency. An initiative seeking to provide incentives for projects which help combat the climate emergency.

4 reconeixements a Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa recognised by the UN on four counts for its work during the Covid-19 crisis

Business. The commitment to social responsibility, the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals all stand out.

New subsidies for urban innovation projects

Digital innovation. Subsidies of up to 80% will go to winning projects with budgets no greater than 100,000 euros and which can be executed in a year.

Petjada ambiental sector tecnològic

Challenge to reduce the environmental footprint of the technology sector

Climate emergency. The Digital Future Society will be awarding 80,000 euros to the two best projects put forward by companies from all around the world.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Municipal support for providers to protect jobs during COVID-19

City Council. A Mayoral decree guarantees all contracts for essential services and those which can be provided remotely, as well as safeguarding the rest.