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Personal Stamps

Carme Sanmartí


Debates on gender equality and diversity are frequent nowadays, and thus we will be devoting a space to them in the section “Personal Stamps”.

And to that end, our guide will be Carme Sanmartí, whose various titles and posts include Doctor of Contemporary History, Emeritus Professor at the UVic-Universitat Central de Catalunya and member of the Permanent Committee for the “Inter-university Research Institute on Women and Gender”. Her particular scientific interests include the history of women, the family and gender studies, and she has spent her time in recent years examining women’s correspondence in Catalonia (1750-1936) and moral censure in sentimental novels.

This interview enables us to unravel all the interests, concerns and customs of women through their letters.

Are the letters written by women that have been preserved of the same type as the ones that were written by men? Did women play an active role within and outside the home? So many unknown factors, the answers to which we will reveal below.