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Carme Font

Now we travel to Ripoll to interview someone who has been a real driving force in the world of culture: Carme Font. Ever since 1977 she has been chairwoman of the Ripoll Philately and Numismatic Circle, which means that for almost 40 years she has been organising activities and exhibitions highlighting the role of the postage stamp in communications and collecting. The richness of the cultural heritage is reflected in, and promoted by, many of the actions carried out by the Circle. For example, stamps have been created for the monastery of Santa Maria in Ripoll (the Romanesque portico was in 2011 a candidate for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List), as well as others featuring Guifré el Pilós (Wilfred the Hairy, who created the dynastic tradition of the Counts of Barcelona, and who was buried within the monastery), together with three touristic postmarks from Ripollès. Without doubt, philately shows its most propagandistic side through stamps. A highly personal interview conducted within Ripoll’s Museum of Ethnography.