Microhistories – activism from otherness
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Microhistòries de la diàspora
© Hélène Amouzou

Microhistories – activism from otherness
Brigitte Vasallo, Paqui Perona, Rosa Sánchez and Bombo N’dir


Activity from Microhistories of the Diaspora. «Embodied» experiences of female dispersion
Created by La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Supported by Pla Barcelona Interculturalitat
Curated by Tania Adam


A multidisciplinary space with Brigitte Vasallo, Paqui Perona, Rosa Sánchez and Bombo N’dir
Thursday, November 8th, 7pm. Virreina LAB
Free entrance. Limited places


For centuries, those in power considered and designated the working classes, colonized peoples, criminals, the poor, the inhabitants of substandard housing or the insane, as passive, “feminized” objects of knowledge. Subjected to a structuring gaze, forced to make gestures while being separated from the control of their meaning, these groups were represented and intentionally displayed as incapable of speaking, acting or organizing themselves: they are the dispossessed. With the passage of time, a dispossessed-representation spiral has been generated as a social strategy loaded with rhetoric, spearheaded by institutions, as an exercise in the control of “otherness”.

Faced with the disdain of errant and hostile presentations and representations, spaces of dissidence and divergence emerge: identities of resistance that fight to question the order that denies them. Militancy from otherness is sometimes silent and invisible; therefore, when the militancy becomes visible, it may become aggressive and vulgar. However, they tend to be built through the word, the image, the voice, the body.


TANIA ADAM (Maputo, 1979), journalist; culture producer. Founder and chief editor in Radio Africa Magazine. TV Host in Terrícoles betevé and radio host in radio africa @beteve 91.0 Fm.

BRIGITTE VASALLO (Barcelona, 1973). Writer in fits and starts, journalist at times, intercultural mediator, activist of alternative sex-affective relationships and feminist. Author of the novel PornoBurka, (Ediciones Cautivas, 2013) and Pensamiento monógamo, terror poliamoroso [Monogamous thought, polyamorous terror] (La Oveja Roja, 2018).

PAQUI PERONA (Barcelona, 1979). President of the women’s feminist association Voces Gitanas [Gypsy voices] / Romane Glasura. Committed to the different movements of activism in the diverse struggles for the equality of the Roma people and feminist movements.

ROSA SÁNCHEZ (San José de Costa Rica, 1976). Latin American Feminist and activist for the human rights of immigrants. One of the founders of Espacio del Inmigrante, promoter of the struggle and organization of the Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes [People’s Union of Street Vendors] in Barcelona, ​​is part of the Colectiva Cereza Chiapa, Mexico, and has recently been promoting the Colectiva Mar (Women, Art and Rebellion) for immigrant women in a precarious work situation.

BOMBO N’DIR (Dakar, 1961). She worked as a teacher in Senegal. She trained cooperatives, taught painting classes, crochet work and handicrafts, but, above all, taught women to have autonomy at work. When she arrived in Spain she got a job taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s. After a few years, after having created a network of women, she works as a cultural facilitator and continues her work as a trainer. Her work has always focused on gender equality, as she has also been a human rights activist for many years.

Paqui Perona
Paqui Perona ©Victor Serri
Bombo N'dir
Bombo N'dir
Rosa Sánchez
Rosa Sánchez
Brigitte Vasallo
Brigitte Vasallo ©Adrian Solana