Topografies de la discrepància urbana

Topographies of Urban Discrepancy

“Topographies of Urban Discrepancy” opens up a space to approach the depths of the edges of the city, those spatial and social fabrics that fall outside the place of political representation, in other words, outside of the polis; following the tracks of certain ways of life that transit and configure them, without overlooking the complexity inherent to them. In the words of Fernand Deligny, “threading the lines of a human way of being banished from history but persistent”. And, for this, weaving and getting carried away by the weft of certain urban dissidences, thus configuring a topography that is necessarily transient, necessarily immanent. Sketching a cartography of what does not take form, a cartography of the impossible.

This project will articulate a continuous research task with an open programme in collaboration with local networks and external agents, and will be developed through three lines of action (or errancy): a first called Third Landscape, from landscape architecture; a second called Praise of Conflict, which will be based on work in collaboration with various collectives and artists working in the peripheries of Barcelona; and a third. The Fragile City, which will open up an itinerant space for research.

Coordination: María García Ruiz and La ciutat fràgil collective, formed by Andrea Soto Calderón, Luis Guerra Miranda and María García Ruiz