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Meeting to comment the work El Perseguidor (The Pursuer) by Julio Cortázar, conducted by Mario Catelli, jazz musician and writer.

El Perseguidor, key text in Cortázar's work, was first published 60 years ago. Most of Cortázar's work is crossed by jazz, as is the case in El Perseguidor. Cortázar explores stylistically looking to transfer jazz to his prose.

How and when does Cortázar discover jazz and why does he change his way of writing? Why is El Perseguidor a turning point in his writing? We will try to answer these and other questions and discuss the issues that concern the short story as a literary piece.

We will also listen to fragments of the jazz pieces that marked Cortázar and show what the great saxophonist Charlie Parker introduced in the jazz of the time, and that constituted a real revolution that shook the writer's literary foundations.


In collaboration with ICUB and with Consorci de Biblioteques

Next sessions:

Thursday March 26, at 7pm. Music Audition
Thursday May 14, at 7pm. El Perseguidor by Julio Cortázar