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Emily & Lee Bidgood. Roots and Branches: Duets from Here and There

  • Emily & Lee Bidgood

Emily & Lee Bidgood is a folk duo from the southeastern United States. The duo format played a very important role in the American string bands of the mid-twentieth century, with well-known folk and country duets such as Monroe Brothers, Blue Sky Boys and Louvin Brothers.

In this concert they will perform songs of these duets, as well as music from East Tennessee, place of origin of the Bidgoods and where Lee is a teacher of Bluegrass, Old Time and Country. They will also play other pieces from their second home, the Czech Republic.

Instruments from the collection of Quico Pi de la Serra: tenor banjo Vega Company (United States, c.1930), Ovation guitar (United States. George Kaman, 1978).

Concert included in the cycle The Music of the Museum. Original Instruments in Good Hands.


In collaboration with Grup de Treball d'Etnomusicologia de l'Institut Català d'Antropologia.

On the occasion of the exhibition The Guitars of Quico Pi de la Serra.