Live music

Evanescent records


In the small Gràcia flat where the musician and cultural agitator Víctor Nubla lived, the team of Registros evanescentes listened to music, watched videos and objects and drank beer while they talked and searched for ways to approach the personal archive that reflects the artist's life. Chance and aesthetic affinities have been two of the methodologies applied to extract the base material for the show and, also, the interest in obsolete formats, visual and sonorous, such as cassettes or VHS tapes. The process has given rise to visual, sound and corporeal works that capture the evanescence of any recording surface and think about memory, order and chaos, the fragility of life and the rotundity of death.



Constanza Brnčić, direction

With artistic collaborations:
Blanca Tolsà, dancer and choreographer.
Alfredo Costa-Monteiro, musician and poet
Tristán Pérez-Martín, video maker and photographer
Beatriz González Magadán, external view and assistant director
Bàrbara Raubert, artistic accompaniment

Acknowledgements: María Vadell and the Gràcia Territori Sonor team, Sara Ojanguren.