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Fado & Saudades da terra firme


19 h Lecture 'Saudades da terra firme. Fado and the sea', by David Ferreira

Since 1941, when the poet José Régio established the birth of fado in the lament of a sailor who sang about his sadness; many authors and artists have sung to the sea because  "deixa en terra ferma, na canastra, a caravela / no coração a fragata", or to the sky, describing the flight of a seagull.


20h Screening of the documentary 'Fado' (2012), by Sofia de Portugal and Aurélio Vasques.

The documentary explains the essence of fado from the point of view of those who compose or perform it. From the composer to the guitarist, including those who sing it and those who study it.


In collaboration with the Festival de Fado