Gamelan: the music of the Gods isle (for adult groups)

  • Taller de gamelan


A practical and musical activity to share collectively that does not require prior musical training.

The Museum starts a new project with a gamelan from a temple in Bali. These are workshops aimed at groups of adults who want to know one of the most important Asian musical traditions and have a musical experience in a group.

gamelan is an ensemble of instruments typical of the islands of Bali and Java and the Museum has recently acquired one. It is made up of percussion instruments and includes metallophones of plates, vertical gongs and drums that give the ensemble some timbres of great richness and strength. It is a small orchestra, visually and sonorously spectacular, that can be played by a collectively without the need of musical knowledge.

Far from the Western concept of a concert, gamelan music is based on collective participation. You can participate in this workshop and enjoy an exotic musical experience, highly recommended for groups of music schools and universities.

NEW! FOR COMPANIES: Coaching Workshop for team building. To experience the energy of collaboration.