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Objects as instruments


Alfredo Costa Monteiro is a sound artist, improviser, composer and poet born in Porto, Portugal. He lives and works in Barcelona since 1992, when he graduated in sculpture and multimedia at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Used to work on the verge of the extremes of sound, he has been involved since 2001 in various improvised and experimental musical projects using a different instrument such as the accordion, the prepared guitar or electroacoustic devices. His session will focus on his conception of the electroacoustic device, of which he will explain how it works and with which he will give a concert..


You can attend this conference in person and virtually.


Cycle of lectures

This conference is part of the Musical instruments under study, a series of meetings in which the latest research and news about the Museum's collections and the world of instruments will be presented. Lutieres, creators and specialized researchers will explain their work.

In collaboration with the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.