Live music

Trànsits: O Sidera


Ensemble Irini will present their inaugural performance in Spain, showcasing a repertoire that juxtaposes Byzantine liturgical music with Orlando di Lassos Prophetia Sibyllarum series of motets, one of the most renowned works of the Franco-Flemish Renaissance, which centres on the various sibyls of Greek mythology. A chromatic and exceptionally expressive language in the common practice of 16th-century polyphony, Lasso’s twelve motets contrast with the depth and austerity of the chants of the Greek liturgy of Constantinople, repertoires that predate the Ottoman invasion of the city in 1453.

A collaborative concert with the Religious Affairs Office of Barcelona City Council and the Sant Pau del Camp Monastery.


Ioanis Koukouzélis
Le chant des Sibylles
Terirem (sur Acathiste) XIIIe siècle – arr. Lila Hajosi

Orlando di Lasso (ca 1531-1594)
Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Prologue: Carmina chromatico
I. Sibylla Persica
II. Sibylla Libyca
III. Sibylla Delphica

Cheruvikon, Hymne des chérubins (Liturgie de Saint Jean Chrysostome)

Orlando di Lasso (ca 1531-1594)
Prophetiae Sibyllarum
IV. Sibylla Cimmeria
V. Sibylla Samia
VI. Sibylla Cumana
VII. Sibylla Hellaspontica
VIII. Sibylla Phrygia

Agni Parthene (Saint Nektarios d’Egine, ca 1900 – arr. Lila Hajosi)

Orlando di Lasso (ca 1531-1594)
Prophetiae Sibyllarum
IX. Sibylla Europaea
X. Sibylla Tiburtina
XI. Sibylla Erythraea
XII. Sibylla Agrippa

Gnosin agnoston gnonai (extrait de L’Acathiste à la Mère de Dieu l (ca. 626), Chant du Grand Carême de Constantinople, arr. Lila Hajosi)

Polyeleos (Psaumes 134-135, Liturgie de Constantinople, arr. Lila Hajosi)