Marca Mustel de la celesta MDMB 1465 (Foto: E. Fernández)
Research projects

Cleaning process of the Mustel MDMB 1465 celesta

We explain to you how the cleaning process of the Mustel MDMB 1465 celesta was, since it would later be the protagonist of one of the samplerizations we carried out and which forms part of the sounds of the hybrid electrophone that you can play in the Museum.

To begin with, the wood has a significant attack of both xylophages and moths on the felts, there was also a loss of wood in places such as the molding that follows the contour of the sides of the furniture or on the keyboard cover. In general there were small losses of wood, breaks in some fragments of the top and the bottom of the furniture, as well as we found adhesive tape marks on the front of the furniture, a very worn, scratched and dirty varnish and, in general, a significant layer of dust, both indoors and outdoors.


In the internal part we found oxidation of the mechanism, loss of one of the leather threads, of the tensioners that actuate the keys and, also, breaking of three pieces of wood of the mechanism that are connected to the metal rods on the back. The canvas of the covers was unattached.


What actions could we take? Here is the proposal:

- General vacuuming: vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter and pallet.

- Anoxia: minimum 30 days to ensure the elimination of xylophages.

- Gluing a piece of wood: with cold fish glue.

- Reintegration of the wood where the hinges should go and loss of wood: Araldit wood 427.

- Consolidation of loose parts of the front and back cover.

- Cleaning: depending on the parts and materials, eraser, white spirit, distilled water with cotton swabs, very fine steel wool, fiberglass pencil and 3% alcohol tannic acid were used.


And the result is what you see in this image!