(Foto: S. Guasteví)

One more year we are in the #MuseumWeek

One more year we participate in an initiative born in France that integrates museums, libraries, archives and cultural institutions that are added to publish in the social networks, during 7 days, contents related to 7 hashtags, some of them voted by the same ones institutions.

This year, in addition, the initiative proposes a tribute to women, to be combined with the 7 themed hashtags, which can be followed through #womenMW. All of this will be from June 19 to 25 on both Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. In our case we will focus on women who are part of our funds or have trained directly (composers, musicians, researchers, donors, photographers ...) among which we can count Nelly van Ree, Montserrat Sagarra or Natalia Granados, for example.

The themes that you can follow during the week are these:

#foodMW: any contribution around the museum bar, food, etc.
#sportsMW: relationship of objects with sports
#musicMW: in this case, we have a whole museum dedicated to the subject!
#storiesMW: ancient or modern stories about the museum, or some object, or some process ...or about people
#booksMW: the specialty of the libraries of each institution
#travelsMW: objects that have arrived at the museum as a result of a trip
#heritageMW: how do we give users access to heritage?