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Recorders, short organological note

This is a brief organological note of two flutes made by Josep Tubau, recorder maker, established in Manresa, on two flutes preserved in the Museu de la Música de Barcelona. 

Alto recorder in F (A 415), AB0703 (MDMB 1686)


It is based on a baroque instrument made by Pierre Jaillard (Bressan), currently part of the Bate Collection, from the Edgar Hunt collection, according to measurements and drawings by Friedrich von Huene. You can see the original at this link: (checked 17 April 2023)

The flute is tuned in A 415 and modified with double holes for the right hand, with ebony wood and ivory ornamentation. The date of construction is approximate, between the years 1987 and 1988. 

Drawings and measurements by F. von Huene: Bressan Alto - Edgar Hunt, 1967

Alto recorder in G (A 440) Ganassi's model, AG0202 (MDMB 1709)


This second instrument is based on Bob Marvin's possible reconstruction of a 16th century instrument, according to the frontispiece that appears in Silvestro Ganassi's Fontegara recorder teaching treatise, in an article at FoMRHI.

Image published on FoMRHI

The flute is tuned in A 440, made in 1980. The wood is boxwood, stained with nitric acid + Fe stains. It has darkened a lot over time. The acid stains have grown to cover almost everything. Initially I did not varnish it. Possibly has a layer of oil for preservation. I am attaching a photograph of the 'Ganassi' flutes made in 1979 and 1980, second from the right, which wasdelivered to Romà Escalas before July of that same year.