Sample Miquel Llobet, from Barcelona to the world

03.11.2015 to 17.01.2016
  • Miquel Llobet

Museu de la Música has recently acquired the Fernando Alonso Collection, which primarily includes the documentary and artistic items connected with Miquel Llobet, in addition to other documents, objects and works of art relating to the guitar. This magnificent collection supplements the 18 guitars which had once belonged to Llobet and are now conserved at the Museum, most of which were donated by his daughter Miguelina in 1953. The newly accessioned collection is the most important heritage assembly of this period of the Catalan School of guitar, comprising materials connected with such figures as Francesc Tàrrega, Andrés Segovia, Dionisio Aguado, Emili Pujol, Enric Granados and Isaac Albéniz. This acquisition has also served to assure that this priceless heritage will be kept in Barcelona.

Miquel Llobet i Solés (1878-1938) was the most prominent Catalan guitarist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He embodied the Modern spirit of the turn-of-the-century Barcelona and his exceptional qualities as an interpreter were combined with his significant work as a composer and teacher in the field of the guitar. A disciple of Francesc Tàrrega and the teacher of Emili Pujol, Llobet is considered the father of the Catalan School of guitar.

Marisa Ruiz Magaldi