Exhibition Musical sCULpTUREs

29.09.2013 to 20.04.2014

The La Fundación La Fontana and the Museu de la Música have published a trilingual catalog with images of the exhibited sculptures and texts of different specialists. It is on sale in the Museum reception.

Conceived to be an esthetic experience for visitors, this exhibit has also been designed as an approach to extra-European musical practices and organology. The visit is organized into three blocks following the geographic areas best represented in the Fundación La Fontana–Africa, Oceania and Asia–with each of them offering insights into the contexts of usage–secular and religious–playing systems and symbolism associated with the instruments in these regions of the world. Beyond their shapes, these musical sculptures will reveal much about the sounds they produce and the individuals who crafted them.


Helena Martínez-Jacquet
Participants and contributors
Fundació La Fontana.