Exhibition ROCA.

25.02.2023 to 28.05.2023

Large-scale sound installation.

Lolo & Sosaku normally work with stripped back mechanisms, purely functional automatons that generate surprising sound effects and music, in some cases delicate and subtle and in others explosive and resounding, to give us a clear view of the mysterious nature of automata.
A curious, daring approach that breathes life into apparently inanimate objects, following in the footsteps of the early pianolas and automata from different cultures, of which Japanese mechanised puppets are an outstanding example.

Lolo & Sosaku’s creations are sure to intrigue and move spectators. Behind the automated mechanisms we can always detect the presence of the authors, their sensitivity and their personal and creative restlessness. We are confronted with something “living” that addresses us forcibly despite its cold, impersonal and apparently inexpressive exterior.

On this occasion a shock System forms a composite instrument that reinterprets the potential of the most emblematic icon in the western tradition of classical music –the piano-. It is both a tribute and a transgression, reminding us that death and renewal go hand in hand.
Roca is commissioned by Museu de la Música de Barcelona for the Foyer of Sala 1 in L’Auditori.

Museu de la Música


Access with the ticket to the concerts in Pau Casals Hall 1


Foyer Sala 1 Pau Casals de L'Auditori