Exhibition Sound sculptures. Baschet instruments

21.03.2011 to 19.12.2011
  • Exposició temporal Escultures sonores

Each period in history has produced a unique set of instruments on which to perform the music of that time. In the mid-twentieth century, a time of musical and technological evolution, electronics provided musicians with new creative, performance and diffusion devices. For many years prior to this, however, there had been very little change to the existing instruments. Precisely at this juncture, two brothers driven by their technological and artistic sensitivities, as well as a passion for music, began an artistic career that 50 years on is still very active. The sound sculptures created by brothers Bernard (1917) and François (1920) Baschet can be considered the most innovative contribution of the 20th century to the field of musical acoustics. So, in contrast and running parallel to the expansion of electronic music, the Baschet brothers explored the acoustics of different materials in the quest to find new sounds. The experiments that François developed in the Fifties to improve his inflatable guitar, made so that he could travel light, and the contacts Bernard made with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris led to the following question: does 20th century music have to be performed using only instruments from other periods in history?

Since then, the work of the Baschet brothers has fused three main principles: the aesthetics of sound, the aesthetics of shape and social and arts education philosophies. Today their work is recognised the world over both in the field of contemporary art and in scientific fields because of the pioneering research that it represents. They have also been involved in sculpture design, public architecture projects in cities across the globe and in the development of a new music education and social philosophy that is addressed to both disabled people and to those at risk of social exclusion. The donation of three instruments created by François brings a new period of instrumental history to the Museu de la Música's collection and presents the ideal opportunity to disseminate the Baschet's work. Auditions Baschet musical instruments, guided tours and school workshops that were offered to the public throughout the exhibition offered the opportunity to interact and experiment with the creations of the brothers Baschet.

Oriol Rossinyol