Discounts of 20% maintained for T-usual and T-jove cards in new public transport pricing

New pricing has been approved for public transport in the Barcelona metropolitan area, with a rise of 6.75% following three years of price freezes. Despite the rise, frequent users will continue to enjoy a 20% discount on the T-usual and T-jove cards (including tickets for single-parent families and large families, plus the unemployed), a measure introduced in September 2022. This discount could rise to 50%, the rate applied until now, if the Spanish government mains the corresponding discount of 30%.

La targeta T-Mobilitat de plàstic
19/12/2023 - 22:00 h - Mobility and transport Ajuntament de Barcelona

The current public transport prices from 2023 will continue to apply until the official decree from the central government, which could increase the discount for T-usual and  T-Jove cards to 50%.

Expiry dates for transport tickets from 2023

The arrival of the New Year also brings expiry dates for tickets purchased in 2023, which will be valid until 29 February 2024. With the T-verda and T-16 cards, the expiry date of each card will remain unchanged.

Unused cards will be able to be exchanged for others of the same type until 31 March, paying the difference where applicable.

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