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“Stop Motor”, a new campaign to reduce pollution

Environment. A total of 5,000 leaflets will be distributed among tourist coach drivers.

Barcelona City Council are launching a campaign called “Stop Motor” to reduce noise and environmental pollution in the city. Over a fortnight, 5,000 leaflets will be handed out to drivers of tourist coaches, informing them that it is compulsory to switch off their engine if they stop for more than 2 minutes in the Bus Zone.

Video ‘The “Stop Motor” campaign is being launched to reduce noise pollution’

Barcelona’s tourist hotspots become crowded every summer when the foreign tourists arrive. Lots of them arrive on tourist coaches, which stop in specific parking areas called the Bus Zone to drop off their passengers. Now, in an effort to reduce as much as possible the noise and environmental pollution they cause during this time, the City Council has launched the “Stop Motor” campaign, to inform drivers that they must switch off their coach engine if they stop for more than 2 minutes. This regulation is published in Article 44-3.7 of the General Byelaw on Barcelona’s Urban Environment.

Over a fortnight, 5,000 leaflets will be handed out in Catalan, Spanish, French and English to drivers who use the Bus Zone parking areas, especially those at the two squares that give access to the Sagrada Família, Plaça de la Hispanitat and Plaça de Pablo Neruda, at the Park Güell logistics platform and Moll d’Espanya parking area. This campaign will help to boost the regular work being done. In 2014, a total of 108,034 parking operations were carried out in the Bus Zone.