What should you do if there is an episode of high atmospheric pollution?

Air Quality. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes pollution levels exceed the public-health limits set out in regulations. Look at the advice for dealing with these situations.

Reducing the number of atmospheric pollution episodes, along with improving the operational procedures for these cases (as well as limiting the amount of pollution that affects us every day), are the two main focuses in the fight against pollution in Barcelona.

What is an episode of atmospheric pollution? It is the specific time period when atmospheric pollution increases and exceeds the established limits, which are based on public health criteria.

How do we know when that is happening? The Generalitat of Catalunya is responsible for declaring an atmospheric pollution episode and for implementing appropriate actions.

What measures should you take in this situation? And what is being done to prevent them? Click here to see all the information you need on what a pollution episode is, what measures are being taken and what you can do to reduce these episodes as much as possible.