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Trànsits: O Sidera


“In a World such as ours, eager to understand everything, ruled by technological marvels that invade our everyday life, in which values are slowly dehumanizing, living themselves at the mercy of interests that  prioritize glory and power represented by ephemeral reigns, the Sibyls represent that which is to come, that is inexorably approaching, that will be fulfilled with apocalyptic punctuality and that requires us to be prepared.” (Juan Carlos Asensio, notes to the O Sidera concert program)

Along with reflections on free will and destiny, this conversation offers an opportunity to investigate the character of the Sibyl, which in this concert will be explored from the double framework of Byzantine liturgical music and the Franco-Flemish Renaissance.

Juan Carlos Asensio
Director of the group ‘Schola Antiqua’, member of several organizations related to Gregorian chant and professor at the Esmuc. Some of his numerous publications are world references on the subject.

Margarida Barbal
Singer and teacher, he has dedicated the last 15 years to medieval sacred music with groups such as ‘Scivias’, ‘Auditexaudi’ and in duo with Catherine Weideman with whom he deepens the work of Hildegard of Bingen. He has been a teacher at UAB and currently at ESMUC.

Lila Hajosi
Musicologist and singer specialized in early music. In 2014 she created the Ensemble Irini. She has been its director ever since, having performed numerous concerts and recordings with it.