Seven feet or seven pedals

Today we are on Ash Wednesday and we are looking for seven feet in our bottom, as many as Jove Quaresma (Catalonia), Ávia Corema (Menorca), Jaia Serrada (Mallorca) or Quaresima Saggia (Italy), as they explain in this cultural website. We won't remove its legs, but this Clementi & Company square piano has just seven: 
Seven pedals also have some harps, like these Érards from the early 20th century that you will find in the permanent exhibition:
And seven pedals for sound effects will you find at Martin Thym & Co's piano made in 1820:
Another characteristic detail of the iconography of Lent is the cod and a grill and, of this second, we find a very curious and splendid musical iconography where several characters play grills as if they were violins or guitars. The Royal College of Music talks about them in a magnificent video published by the American Musical Instrument Society: