Exhibition Eolssigu! The sounds of Korea

31.10.2017 to 03.06.2018
  • Fotografia: Horacio Curti

With a wide variety of instruments and musical forms unknown to us, the sound world of the Republic of Korea is rich, exciting and built on principles very different from those we are used to hearing in our environment.

This exhibition proposes an approach to the sounds of Korea, paying special attention to musical practices within a social framework, offering the possibility not only of observing the instruments but also of manipulating some and learning to play them in the workshops that will be developed while the exhibition lasts.

Organized by the Museu de la Música de Barcelona and Seoul National Gugak Center, with the support of Korea Foundation and the collaboration of Fundación La Fontana and SAE Institute Barcelona.



With the collaboration of Casa Asia for the dissemination


Horacio Curti
Participants and contributors
Centre Nacional per a la Música Tradicional (National Gugak Center) de Seul
Korea Foundation.

Casa Asia, for the dissemination

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