Exhibition The guitars of Quico Pi de la Serra

18.10.2018 to 06.06.2019

Extended till the 6th of June.

This exhibition shows us the magnificent collection of guitars that Quico Pi de la Serra, one of the most important musicians in the country's sound and collective history, has been collecting on several continents during his life history. Objects all of them intimately linked to their musical work and their artistic and life experience.

Guided visits: the 3rd Sunday of the month (except the 18/11 and the 20/01).

Jaume Ayats
Participants and contributors
Exhibition: Albert Vallverdú
Assembling: Feltrero División Arte S.L.
Audiovisual production: Grup Enderrock S.L. ; Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals S.A.
Interactive design: Produccions Culturals Transversal S.L.
Lightning and technological support: Departament tècnic i d'escena de L'Auditori; Mayday Maintenance S.L.
Texts: Jaume Ayats i Joan Pellisa
Translations: Aaron Feder
Photography: Jordi Puig
In collaboration with Grup Enderrock, Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals,Temps Records
Acknowledgments: Ajuntament de Barcelona ; SGAE

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